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Originally started by Shreveport native Evan Falbaum as a film festival, Moviesauce is now both a commercial video production company and an artist collective focused on original content.


The old model of video production is a stand alone "technical" crew that are able to execute the vision of a creative team from say an ad agency or a marketing consultant - hired hands to shoot other people's ideas.


We're different.


For us, our technical know-how is a means to an end that allows us to execute our own creativity. Nothing kills our mojo more than being cut out of the creative process.


So by being a one stop shop for the creative and the technical, we can provide additional value to our clients and give ourselves the creative satisfaction of seeing an idea through from the start to the finish. We can't emphasize enough the sweat equity you get from us when it's our ideas on the line and we're not just painting by numbers.


Plus a smaller team with more direct communication means a cheaper and more efficient workflow, and allows us to build a stronger relationship with our clients. That's where we tend to do our best work.


We're not just camera guys. We're the whole creative team.


Evan Falbaum

owner/creative director


(318) 458-8980

Landon Miller



(318) 272-9531


We shoot with professional cinema-grade tools. We're Shreveport's only video production company that shoots with a high end 8K resolution RED Weapon camera - the same camera line used to film The Hobbit, Transformers, and the upcoming Avatar sequels as well as TV shows like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones. We master all projects in 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is now supported by Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo.


Every shot we shoot goes through a color grading process to pull the most out of every frame. The footage straight from the camera is not "ready to go" and not easily provided, uncompressed or uncolored, to the client.


We also have an arsenal of other modern film tools like a professional 4K drone for aerial photography, a Glidecam, car mounts and a slider. Basically, we'll get the shot.

NO "a la carte" SERVICES

We frequently refer to our equipment as our "toys," but that's not really an appropriate way to think about it. This is high-end, expensive, professional equipment, and it's taken us years to learn how to use it right and to be able to afford it. As such, we don't offer rentals. We're just not setup for that kind of business with the insurance and maintenance involved. Same reason you wouldn't rent your car to a stranger.


There are many places online that you can rent quality film equipment from. We highly recommend lensrentals.com - they have more than just lenses. We use them a lot, ourselves.

There are lots of different skill sets involved in making quality video content - writing, producing, directing, acting, shooting, sound recording, music, coloring, editing, design, distributing. We have some degree of knowledge and ability in all of those areas, but we are not industry cinematographers, sound mixers, or editors available for hire.


Our understanding of how those individual crafts work is very inter-dependent on each other. For instance, our shooting style is very much based around our knowledge of how we're going to edit it.


We also like to take pride in and ownership of our work and that's difficult to do when only taking part in one task on a project. It's just easier if you let us do the whole thing. That's the best way to get the best work out of us.